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to bear the weight and push into the sky

it's easier to lie, easier to lie...

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Name:Axel; Ⅷ; The Flurry of Dancing Flames
Birthdate:Aug 6

t h e   n a m e ' s   a x e l
got it memorized?

i drowned my girlfriend in her wishing well
i'm not afraid of afterlife hell
'cuz i live it every day, i live it every day

i lit a fire on my neighbor's lawn
i don't know them, to me they were my pawns!
'cuz i live it every day, i live it every day!

i know its not considered right,
the way i live my days and nights
i always thought i'd rather be
considered lucky than good...


this is a character journal

Interests (24):

assassins, being immortal, bffs, chakrams, dorky catchphrases, double agents, eyemasks, face tattoos, fire, giant zippers, gloves, hearts, ice cream, joking, long coats, manly eyeliner, naps, never giving straight answers, pizza, screwing with peoples' heads, straddling the fence, sunsets, the number eight, trump cards
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